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The Colorado Hockey Podcast is brought to you buy #AVSFAM – www.avsfam.com but we do have added some other sponsors that we’ve fully vetted and would refeer you too even if we didn’t get a cut of it. This is all about keeping the lights on. Thanks for supporting the site.

Let’s be clear…

We get a cut of this stuff if you go and buy it. But guess what? We’re also putting our name on it and that means that we love it. Not just “like it”. We love it and we support it with our hard earned dollars. If you love it too, then buy it and support this podcast at the same time. There’s not trickery here and that’s the only way we are on board for something like this. We love it, we think you will too and we can make a few bucks to pay for servers, podcasts gear, conferencing software etc…

You know those #AvsFam stickers. This is where the come from and you can get your very own custom stickers right here with $10 off your first order!

You get a 20% discount for using this link meundies.com and everyone wins. MeUndies make the most comfortable underwear you can find and if you know anything about us (#AVSFAM) we take that stuff really seriously.  It’s perfect for everyday life and even better for under your hockey gear. It wicks moisture away, it doesn’t smell even after 3 skates (we had to test it) and it stretches in 4 directions. not just 2. So you’re hockey ass (that’s a real thing) won’t bunch your undies up in your junk as you break down the right hand side thinking stick side snipe.

If you click this link meundies.com and buy undies (I’d totally do the subscription even if you cancle it the next day, it’s cheaper) you get 20% off the purchase. That’s awesomeness.

My current fav for hockey gear is this one:


and my these for everyday wear… because I like to go Hulk!


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