The Bucket List!

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  1. Write a new goal song that rocks. Just like Rock and Roll Part II rocked before Gary Glitter ruined it all by being a pedophile. That song had power, it had crowd participation and hit had energy. Bring that back with a raw, energetic and awesome goal song. TO be continued… 

  2. Give a locker room speech. If I can’t get in the Avs locker room to give it, record it.
  3. Make a logo that covers all of Colorado Hockey, not just the Avalanche but college, amateur and even beer league.
  4. Do a podcast with Peter McNab, because he’s seen a lot of hockey in his day.
  5. Get DJ Tripple T to play our goal song at The Can.
  6. Get a video of the dancing shirt guy at the can, doing his thing with an #AVSFAM or Colorado Hockey shirt.
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