Colorado Hockey In-Between-Isode 005

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Colorado Hockey
Colorado Hockey In-Between-Isode 005

In this In-Between-Isode we talk to Kevin Goff at length about life inside and outside of the hockey arena. He’s a teacher, actor, vocalist, hockey writer and finalist for Dad of the Month (we made that up). He’s as authentic as they come and a wealth of knowledge (and giggles) in all endeavors.

Note, we do talk Avs Hockey throughout but we get hot and heavy on it around the 35-45 minute mark. Just incase you’re skimming 🙂

Where to find Kevin

The silly side!

His Buffness after the Tough Mudder (picture)

Quick Hits

This might be the coolest thing we’ve seen since Foppa hung the skates up for the last time in Colorado. Kudos to  @MikeSortland for sharing this with us.

And, just for giggles here’s what shownotes look like when you do them at the kiddie table waiting for your kids.

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