Colorado Hockey Podacast 005 – Avs at Kings pregame

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Colorado Hockey
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Colorado Hockey Podacast 005 - Avs at Kings pregame

In this podcast:

  • A look back at the Ducks game and visions of the future for the Kings game.
  • My thoughts on Berra being the starter and the Thug (Tyson Barrie) gets fine and dined for $42000.

Gifs from the Ducks game:

More of the little things that matter big time in a game. No back-down from 92 or 29. The compete was back and the toughness was a team toughness. After games like this, it’s clear we can play well. But can we be consistent?

GOOD - the little things

Monster hit on Cory Perry from Big Z.

2015-10-16 22_39_34

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