Colorado Hockey Podcast – Avs at Dallas and Nate for Hart

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Colorado Hockey
Colorado Hockey
Colorado Hockey Podcast - Avs at Dallas and Nate for Hart

Hello and welcome to the Colorado Hockey Podcast. Your TL;DR in a world of long-form jibber-jabber. This podcast is brought to you by Avsloop, an experimental project from AvsFam and, and red for you by Eleven Labs.

In today’s episode, we dive into the Avalanche’s playoff push and spotlight Nathan MacKinnon, recently named a Hart Trophy finalist, acknowledging his remarkable season. Avalanche coach Jared Bednar discusses Nate’s stellar performance, highlighting his consistency and dominance. “Well, he’s been outstanding,” Bednar remarks, making it clear that MacKinnon’s finalist status was expected from early on.

Coach Bednar also sheds light on MacKinnon’s evolving leadership role, especially significant in the absence of former captain Gabe Landeskog. “His leadership has evolved over the eight years that I’ve been with him,” Bednar notes, emphasizing the increased responsibility Nate has taken on both on and off the ice.

As the playoffs heat up, the strategic setup against the Dallas Stars takes center stage. We explore how the Avalanche plans to counter the Stars’ disciplined gameplay. Bednar points out the importance of adaptability and mental toughness, “It’ll be a fun series. I think they’re a well-coached team. They’re a very well-rounded team.”

Delving deeper, we discuss Nate Dogg’s pivotal role in this series. As one of the league’s premier players, MacKinnon’s ability to influence the game is unmatched. “The way he leads by example, the way he prepares himself and helps prepare our team for our opponents, those parts of his DNA have always been there,” Bednar adds.

Looking ahead, this series promises thrilling matchups and strategic gameplay. Both teams are poised to showcase their strengths, making every moment on the ice critical. The Avalanche, leveraging their depth and skill, are set to face a solid defensive and comprehensive offensive setup from the Stars.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you detailed shots of Colorado hockey without all the filler. Be sure to keep an eye on and follow us on Twitter at, at-avsloop. May your pucks be frozen, the ice smooth, and the net wide open.

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