Every Avs Player – Ever! Podcast– Joey Hishon (16 games)

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Every Avs Player – Ever!
Every Avs Player – Ever! Podcast– Joey Hishon (16 games)

Show Notes:

with 5:44 seconds remaining in a 3-0 game Braydon McNabb of the Kootenay Ice delivers an elbow to the head of Joey Hishon of the Owen Sound Attack that changes the course of Hishon’s career forever.

Hishon saw McNabb at the last second and did his best to avoid the hit, but McNabb had the angle on a Hison and caught him squarely in the head.

Hishon stumbles, takes a few strides, each less powerful than the one before and the collapses on the ice.

There’s been a little debate over the years, especially as McNabb’s career has developed on whether or not it was intentional or of Hishon lowered into the elbow shot.

Hishon’s story is a lot of athletes story. “shake it off kid and get back out there”

Joey Hishon is one of my favorite stories. I love the way that he kept at it until it was over, and when it was he found a way to stay relevant in the game he loved. 100% worth a follow to keep up with his new life/career in hockey.

Joey Hishon’s second Concussion as a pro

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