Every Avs Player – Ever! Podcast– Steve Moore (69 games)

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Every Avs Player – Ever!
Every Avs Player – Ever! Podcast– Steve Moore (69 games)
This is a great recap of the entire event.

It feels almost taboo to talk about Steve Moore these days, even as an Avs fan. The entire saga was the worst of NHL hockey. Steve Moore wasn’t some scrub who was out there to hurt people. He played hockey with skill, size, and smarts. He was a hockey player who had his dream cut short by an unfortunate outcome of an unwritten code that was just part of the game.

Steve More talks about life, 10 years later.

In the end, this event ended two playing careers. While I believe that Todd Bertuzzi wasn’t trying to end anyone’s career, what he did was unnecessary and an artifact of a league best left in the past. Now, both of them walk around with a tarnished legacy, one more deserving than the other.

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