Colorado Hockey Podcast 027 – The Gabe Goal w/ a breakdown

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Colorado Hockey
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Colorado Hockey Podcast 027 - The Gabe Goal w/ a breakdown

A recap of the epic come-from-behind win by your Colorado Avalanche. Including a GWG video breakdown, a clown poster and some insightful/cheeky thoughts about individual player performances.

  • We scored first! Yet, we had to play the Cardiac Kids role again.
  • Man do we miss EJ on the ice #Condor Love! Cool chance for Bodnorchuck.
  • Varly was good, not great. But was there when we needed him.
  • Dutchy made a first-class effort all night long, he almost ended it in OT – Would have been shipping a free #AVSFAM shirt.
  • Grigo shows a glimpse of what he can bring to the table. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.
  • Skille was his usual awesome self and brings not just energy, but skilled energy to the Avs, right when they need it.
  • Martinsen continues to be large and in charge. We should keep him.

We got inspired and made this after the game –> Facebook


Explained thusly on the AVSFAM facebook page here –>

“…you see, Insane Clown Posse had a song called the Great Milenko a long, long time ago and as soon as Grigo scored his goal tonight, it got stuck in my head. It’s still stuck in my head as I type. Just the part where they chant “The Great Milenko” but in my head Grigorenko Anyway, it happened… and I made the madness into a poster that looks like this. Stay Awesome! The song link included for curious juggalos.”

… and if you want to get the ICP song stuck in your head, here you go –>

But wait! There’s more! We saw so many awesome things in the GWG last night that we just had to do our own little Goal Breakdown! (epic echoing noises here)

Oh look, a Skille retro poster!


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