NHL 2016 (EA SPORTS) Be-A-Pro – first impressions

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NHL 2016 (EA SPORTS) Be-A-Pro - first impressions

My first crack at the newBe-A-Pro. Also, my first and possibly only crack at play-along.

First impressions

  • Legit! So much better than last years attempt. It had to be or the natives were going to reject any hockey games from EA Sports for years to come.
  • The graphics look amazing. The jerseys are spot on and the players movement is natural as can be.
  • The Audio is good. I was even able to get my last name as my call name. That’s a first!
  • Sim to next shift is so important. I can’t believe I even have to bring it up, but last year it wasn’t there and I never came back to Be-A-Pro again, until this year.
  • They start you on the ground floor for sure. I’ve got to get my player built up!

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