Colorado Hockey Podcast 007 – Bluejackets vs. Avs

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Colorado Hockey
Regular Season
Colorado Hockey Podcast 007 - Bluejackets vs. Avs

In this episode we talk Colorado Hockey, the return of Everberg Scissorhands and all things Avs with the #powerful Kevin Goff. You find Kevin at:

Show notes

It’s Colorado Hockey Night! (love that name)

A great article from Terry Frei about the Colorado Rockies  (our old hockey team)

Chico Resch – McNichols arena and the origins of my life-long love for hockey.

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Lanny McDonald rocking the stash, before the stash was even cool.


This pretty much wraps up what Rockies Hockey was like.

Avalanche used to be the indoor soccer team.

New Alternate Sweaters tonight – A nod to the old Rocky Hockey logo.

In another Terry Frei article Roy and Barrie talk about the suspension that Barrie will be coming back from tonight. A good point is stated about Barrie being on the other end of a dirty hit that took him out of the playoffs by Matt Cooke that earned Cooke – who has a long history only 7 games.

Everberg (Scissor Hands) gets the call-up to the big show. What will he do with it? If he manages to get a goal, it’s 10% off theEverberg (Scissor Hands) shirt at our sponsor #AVSFAM

Checkout our list of “more ways to hockey” including other fan podcasts and some official stuff from the local media and the Avs themselves. The Landy Podcast at the Avs cast is a great and candid look into the captain.

19 different version of Rock and Roll Part 2


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