Colorado Hockey Podcast 029 – Avs vs Preds – Playoff spot death match

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Colorado Hockey
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Colorado Hockey Podcast 029 - Avs vs Preds - Playoff spot death match

The Colorado Avalanche snag a playoff spot from the Nashville Predators in a playoff spot death match!

Doing another of the “record during the intermissions” AKA inline podcasts.

      • Nashville picks up a scorer and he scores. Varly had most of the next but didn’t expect the shot and didn’t even flinch.
      • The “You can’t win this contest” from #AVSFAM has it’s first rule change. Thanks @spoon9z 🙂
      • Dutchy continues with the effort and keeps his cool while getting clowned by some D-bag named Jackman
      • Iggy in the right place at the right time ties it up for the Avs.

    • Marti taking some hits. Usually he’s on the other side of that.
    • Despite the crappy calls, we survive long enough to thrive and leave the 1st period up by a goal.
    • Cody Mac goal – such a great effort from The Hustle

2nd period

  • The Avs playing good hockey and then get burnt on the PP again. It looked a lot like the first goal – beating Varly on the bocker side, top shelf.
  • Landy Goal, way to stick with it.
  • Such a great reaction from the NSH coach on a blatant tripping penalty

  • Tied at 3-3 going into the 3rd. Gasp, why couldn’t this just be one of those blowout games – where we win of course.
  • The Nashville coach and a little fit

3rd Period

  • The game was just ticking a long like a boring 3rd period and the it burst open and the Avs almost scored about  3 times in 5 seconds, then NSH sent a guy on a deep route who was stoned by Varly.
  • Barrie! His offeneive awareness is so good and his skills are clutch. He put a wrister by Renne from 35 feet. Awesome!

  • The same “charging call” we had against us in the first is now no call in the 3rd. Thanks Refs.
  • Comeau manhandling Forsberg to clear the zone. Such a mule out there. So strong.
  • Cody Mac got rocked but took one for the team.

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