Every Avs Player – Ever! Podcast– Paul Kariya (51 games) with @4thLinePodcast

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Colorado Hockey
Every Avs Player – Ever!
Every Avs Player – Ever! Podcast– Paul Kariya (51 games) with @4thLinePodcast

Paul Kariya was one of the best players in the NHL and had the potential to be even better had he not been knocked out of the game by concussions. He played at a time when headshots were tolerated by the NHL and concussions weren’t really understood for their long-term impacts. Eventually, the repeated concussions took him out of the game he loves, but not before playing 51 games with the Colorado Avalanche.

Special thanks to Carl Landra of the 4th Line Podcast.Check them out at:

Every Avs Player – Ever! – Paul Kariya (51 games

Show Notes:

Paul Karina now: A great insight into “The Hit”

Paul Kariya Highlights

Paul Kariya’s Hockey Hall of Fame Speech




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