Five for Friday – Five hockey links worth sharing – Pavel Barber edition

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Behold the Five for Friday curated list of hockey links worth clicking on. As if you had something better to do at work on a Friday:)

We’re always researching for a project/podcast and finding cool stuff worth sharing. Here’s what we’ve found this week. Stay Awesome!

  1. Pavel Barber – How to embarrass goalies.
  2. I can think of a few goalies who may have gone to the same school.
  3. Just when you thought you had some skills… a little punk shows you up on Youtube.
  4. The amazing thing about this kid is not that he can score each and every time he’s past the blue line. It’s that he passes the puck. Unheard of at this age and with that skill. Kudos, young man… Kudos!
  5. Before you head out to the local pick-up game… he’s a quick tut on how to Zoro… You know you want to. good luck!

Honorable mentions:

  • Evidently there is a real league called “floor ball”, who knew.




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