Kerfuffle and the state of the Avs – Colorado Hockey Podcast

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The Landy experiment comes to an end and… the results are in. We discuss all manner of Avs hockey and muse on the promise that is, and a lament about the reality that is. #poetic

  • MacK has stepped up big recently. He’s been the one consistent bright spot on this team and the progression of his game is blatantly noticeable. I was hoping MacK would do this at some point this season and it seems like he got the catalyst he needed to be a true game-changer from the Landy experiment.
  • As great as Mack is, he can’t do it alone. MacKinnon can’t be the only good thing on the ice every night.
  • Blake Comeau, for all of his flaws, has been a positive force on the team all season long and that’s continued in most of the recent games.
  • Soderberg is quietly doing exactly what I’d expect Soda to do. He’s not earning any highlight of the night awards, but he’s also not a no-show, either.
  • Eric Johnson has been reasonably good. But, it just feels a lot like a meal that missing a key ingredient. He’s off, somehow. I don’t know if I have unrealistic expectations for EJ and I don’t think he’s been horrible on defense, but, I feel like he could be a little better offensively.
  • Zadorov has been awesome! Sure he’s done some stupid young guy stuff and made mistakes but overall Big Z has been 100% better than his previous stretch of games.

Stay Awesome!

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