5 for Friday – The Best Pentaly Box Moments in the NHL

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Five for Friday -  the curated list of hockey links to help you put an end to the last day of the week. Nothing too serious... just some hockey blurbs, for the hockey fan in you.
  1. Teams used to share the same penalty box
    Oh, the good old days of the NHL when both teams players shared the same penalty box. You can imagine the melee that ensued eventually. But as the video notes, it’s even more amazing that it took so long for this to become an issue. Can you imagine players sharing the same penalty box in the 1970’s, or even now? Imagine Tie Domi and Donald Brashear in the same box. Holy hell, they’d kill each other. What about Lemieux and Darren Mccarty in the same box.

  2. TSN’s 10 best penalty box moments
    Ex-Avs player Shane O’Brien  makes an appearance on the list at #8  in this video (0:45 seconds in in). This is possible the greatest thing I ever saw O’Brien do by the way.

  3. The NHL clown-car game in the penalty box
    The Jets and Predators play the NHLs version of Clown and try to see how many players each team can fit in the penalty boxes all at one time.

  4. Proof the the ref will never let you out of penalty, no matter what happens.

    I really think that Travis Zajac of the New Jersey Devils thought he might get out of this penalty. I’ve seen a lot of strange things from both sides of the penalty box, but never a door jammed this bad. We almost had a through back to the days when players did actually sit next to each other in the penalty box, but at the last minute, a relative of MacGyver saves the day.

  5. The caring side of Brandon Prust
    When Brandon Prust isn’t spearing Brad Marchand in the nuts, he’s actually a pretty nice guy and helps an off-ice official who takes one to the dome.



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