Colorado Hockey Podcast 008 – Let it all out

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Colorado Hockey
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Colorado Hockey Podcast 008 - Let it all out

The Avs kicked off a road trip in Florida against the Panthers. It didn’t go as planned. Frustration overflows… The rant of all rants provided by @SCrociata (He put his balls on the table, so to speak)

We started a fun game of #AvalancheLyricSwap Here’s one of our favs!

Patrick Roy Cancels practice after a pretty bad loss. The post game from Roy. You’ll need this to follow @SCrociata’s rant. Even Rycroft is getting frustrated:

Iggy plays his 1400 game and gets some love from another NHL legend.

Hockey Fights with a flashback to a player I don’t’ recall at all, but hey… he held his own against Jackman.

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