Colorado Hockey In-Between-Isode 002 – Skille Wabbit

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Colorado Hockey
Colorado Hockey In-Between-Isode 002 - Skille Wabbit

Show Notes

Early scoring from the #SkilleWabbit who was hunting for Blue Jackets

Skill is the hardest working guy on the ice tonight. To me the game was kept under control by McLeod and Skille long enough for the rest of the team to get their act together.

I’m not telling you anything that you can’t learn from people better than me at stats and numbers. And as a fan I’m sure you saw with your own eyes that there’s a problem, that needs fixing. If you would like to hear someone who can speak in numbers and stats… checkout The Sin Bin with Kevin and Aaron who are now on SoundCloud.

Rolling through last games locker room videos. Man those bus rides have to be long right now.

Roy after the game being positive:

Roy gives MacK some kudos for caring too much and being the best forward on the ice.

@ 3:50 ish of the video above Roy points out that we had 20+ missed shots. “We’re trying to be to perfect with our shots” – he’s right.

@ 4:20 Roy is asked if a breakthrough is coming. He dodges a bit to temper expectations.

To get up there and do what he does every night after being in the games that can be heartbreaking… he’s a better coach in this way than I thought he could be.

Tanguay being a little less positive: “now we’re already in the hole”

MacK will be a leader on this team regardless of the C and A’s passed out. He truly cares and wants to dominate. I like that.

Landy interview where he’s asked if “going on the road might be a good thing” he deflects that but I think its a great thing. This team needs to gel better and nothing does that like a road trip.

It’s easy to get frustrated as a fan… there’s nothing wrong with that. But like everything else in life you should be cool to other fans who might love the game regardless or with current record. There are fans of winning, fans of the game, fans of players fans of all flavors and I love them all. Just stay classy Avs fans. It’s a long season.

Man I hope Tangs gets his game going soon, I think he will.

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