Colorado Hockey Podcast 042 – Richard Pollick

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Colorado Hockey
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Colorado Hockey Podcast 042 - Richard Pollick

Richard Pollick joins the podcast to talk JT Compher, other podcasts and all things Avs.

#AwesomeSauce served daily!

Show Notes:

Podcasts we mention:

The Keefer and Vic show (It’s not a TUMOR!!!!) 
I was super psyched to see that Keefer had a show and then I heard that Rycroft was joining them. To which, I tweeted “they’re getting the band back together”… You know.. The Blues Brothers quote. But alas, it’s not a band… alas, I’ve been corrected.  But seriously, make a companion podcast to go with it and I’ll call it whatever you want.

Other Notes:
Richard Pollick on the web:


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