Colorado Hockey Podcast – Grigs and Goals and Rants, Oh My!

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Colorado Hockey
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Colorado Hockey Podcast - Grigs and Goals and Rants, Oh My!

Before I get all pissy about broadcast rights and poorly mic’d reporters at interview sessions… Here’s my quick-and-dirty breakdown of the 2nd Grigo goal along with some thoughts on the box scores from the game.

Also, while we’re getting killed on Shots On Goal (SOG) we are looking pretty good in hits, blocks and even faceoffs are getting better. There’s hope.


Okay, this next graphic is just by the numbers. I didn’t see the game and can only make assumptions on the numbers I see.


  • T.Bourke had exactly 1 SOG to show for his almost 10 minutes of ice time. That’s not the way to stick out.
  • Sislo with a ton of ice time and again, not much other than being on the ice for a goal, to show for it.
  • R. Bourque had a great showing for a guy trying to find a new forever home. 2 A’s, 3 SOGs… and he did it in about the same amount of time as Sislo, but with a lot more to show for it. I wonder if the coaches were trying to test his gas tank with over 17 mins played in the game?
  • Grigo had a great game and his confidence carried over into the faceoff circle as well. I’m stoked to see how he does this year.
  • Marty isn’t doing himself any favors right now. Although, his 6 hits are pretty impressive.
  • MacK being MacK! A good goal but the rest of the numbers don’t say much.
  • Compher with 2 penalties and from the calls they seem like frustration or an inability to keep up with the NHL speed. Guesses…. just guesses.
  • Greer is really making a run for this team and his compete level is impressive.
  • G. Bourque with an impressive number on the dots but he might have only taken one faceoff and won it, for all I know.

Rant Time

I’m usually a pretty chill guy but there are a few things that will launch me into rant mode. One of those things is not being able to watch Avs games on TV or online. It gets me all kinds of pissed-off that there are cameras recording and we can’t watch the game, anywhere. Usually, I just let that shit roll off my back but today… I’m going to let it roll right down the metaphorical hill and grow into an Avalanche of a ranting.

Let’s play a little game called – Would it be too F’n hard? 

  • Can we get a mic on the people asking questions to the coach in the post-game coaches scrum? You know, so we can hear the questions and have a little context?  It’d be great to know what the questions are before the coach rambles through his generic answers in some coded hockey speak. I almost never have a clue what the coach is answering until the next question is mumbled by someone else that I can’t hear either. It’s not like coaches are known for digging in on answers either so a little context would be great to try and make any sense of the mumbo-jumbo. Add some mics in the scrum, even if the reporters have to fight for the mics to ask their questions. At least then we’d know what the coach is kind-of-, sort-of talking about.

Now watch this video from the locker room. You can hear questions being asked by reporters AND it makes it that much more informative and entertaining when you listen to the answer.

  • Would it be so God-damn hard to televise games? Clearly, there were cameras or I’d never have seen the highlights on the website… or embedded the videos in this post. I don’t want to hear about broadcast rights either. Find a damn way to reward your diehard fans and get them excited. Play the long game when it comes to selling seats and stop holding out on broadcasting games. Fan’s will want to come to games if the organization puts a good product on the ice and in the arena. This theory of ransoming hockey by not showing it on the internet or TV is just stupid. Be forward thinking, be innovate and broadcast the damn games.

  • This is more aimed at the NHL in general but in the same vain. STOP BLACKING OUT GAMES! WTF is wrong with you? I understand that there are some existing broadcast deals, but as soon as those expire… STOP IT WITH THE BLACK-OUTS! Or, at the very least, charge accordingly for making fans wait 2 days to watch the most current hockey game from their favorite team. If you don’t want your fans to find illegal streams, don’t force their hand. Give them a real solution and again, don’t hold their hockey for ransom.


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