Colorado Hockey Podcast – Preseason in Minni, Part 1

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Colorado Hockey Podcast - Preseason in Minni, Part 1

Perspective setting:
This was not our best roster. Given the back to back games in Minnesota, this is clearly a chance to stress-test some older players and see some younger talent without any of the top of the roster players carrying the load for them.

Show Notes/Takeaways:

  • A ton of penalties from both teams and a few 5-3 chances for the Avs again tonight. If the refs keep calling games this way (I doubt it) we’ll see the rise of teams with a good power play.
  • Both goalies were wearing numbers in the 40s, that’s odd, to me anyway. Bernier in 45 and Devan Dubnyk in 40. That’s like a quarterback in the NFL wearing 92.
  • Listening to other teams announcers is brutal. I’m sure our guys are biased, but I am too and it works out. To listen to these chumps call the game and make up a reason for every penalty, or our how the Avs got lucky is comical… until it’s annoying. It becomes annoying quickly.
  • Soderberg: He hasn’t looked amazing, but he has shown a slight uptick in effort and he’s getting the puck around the net a lot. Still, needs to turn those drive-by chances into dangerous situations for the opposing team.
  • Big Z, played okay. Nothing too special other than making his presence known, which is the default of his game. He could still add a bit of poise when under pressure with the puck in the neutral zone. He likes to try little drop passes and board
    bounces that are unnecessary when you’re as big as he is and can shield the puck an extra second or two to find an open man.
  • Bigras still making some interesting decisions in 2 on 1 situations. He chose to play the puck carrier right up until the last minute and then dive for the puck taking himself out of the pay completely at the last second. Luckily, Bernier had it spotted the entire way.
  • Avs leading in shots 24-17 early in the 3rd. You just don’t get to say that often.
  • 55 Bazeeele (sp) wearing 55 is a strange sight. I half expect him to fight everyone on the ice and find myself wondering why he’s so composed out there.
  • Mironov wearing Ryan Smiths old number, and about as interested in fighting as Smith was.
  • Players that are better with better talent around them… well all of them, but in particular Nieto.
  • The Avs jerseys are cool, but when soaking wet, they look a bit like a wet t-shirt contest, I assume.
  • Goalie pulled, Just like old times

Colorado Hockey Podcast - Preseason in Minni, Part 1

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