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Five for Friday –  the curated list of hockey links to help you put an end to the last day of the week. Nothing too serious… just some hockey links for the hockey fan in you.

We’re always researching for a project/podcast and finding cool stuff worth sharing. Sometimes it’s videos, sometimes it’s cool tweeps worth following. Other times it’s articles from folks who swim in the deep-end of the hockey knowledge pool. Here’s what we’ve found this week. Stay Awesome!

From this day forth, we’re on a mission to better understand and use stats after watching this video from Belfry Hockey

  1. Hockey Reference (Downloadable Stats)
  2. Stats made for humans to understand and a few primers for noobs like me. @lcganalytics
  3. Now at 50 contracts, Jesse Winchester’s injury hurts the Avalanche all over again – Cole Hamilton breaking down the dangers of operating with a full rosters.

  4. I like the way General Fanger breaks-down the roster and contract situation.
  5. What a great end of season wrap-up from Rick Sadowski

Honorable mentions:


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