Five for Friday – Hockey related links worth sharing

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Five for Friday -  the curated list of hockey links to help you put an end to the last day of the week. Nothing too serious... just some hockey links for the hockey fan in you.

Behold the 5 for Friday best of retirement ceremonies and announcements.

A professional sports player will be faced with a plethora of tough moments in their careers and lives. If their not trying to score the game-tying goal in the last two minutes of a game, there dealing with a crazy-ass fan or a pushy reporter. The life of a pro athlete isn’t everything you think it would be. But far above those challenges that they are so well trained to deal with is the toughest moment of almost any players career. They day the call it quits. Behold our list of the best retirement announcement and ceremonies.

  1. Joe Sakic Retirement Announcement and Tribute Video
    – Joe Sakic Announces Retirement
    – Joe Sakic Retirement Tribute Video 
  2. Joe Sakic Jersey Retirement Ceremony
    – Joe Sakic Jersey Retirement Ceremony Part 1/3
    – Joe Sakic Jersey Retirement Ceremony Part 2/3
    – Joe Sakic Jersey Retirement Ceremony Part 3/3 
  3. Pierre Lacroix
    – Pierre Lacroix emotional speech on Joe Sakic retirement
  4. Peter Forsberg
    – Forsberg Jersey retirement
    – Peter Forsberg’s Retirement Tribute Video
    – Peter Forsberg #21 Jersey Raising 
  5. Adam Foote
    This last shift, by Adam Foote might just be the best punctuation ever put on a career and in its own way, an announcement that an era is over.  Adam Foote’s Final Game and Final Shift



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