Five for Friday – Hockey related links worth sharing – The Pavel Datsyuk Move

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Five for Friday –  the curated list of hockey links to help you put an end to the last day of the week. Nothing too serious… just some hockey links for the hockey fan in you.

  1. Learn How To Do “The Datsyuk Move
    I’m an Avs fan through and through but talent is talent and there’s no denying the magic of Pavel Datsyuk or the mystic powers of this move. The goalies reactions are almost as good as the move itself. 

  2. The first time Datsyuk did it in a game
  3. Datsyuk embarrasses Vokoun


    Note: More of Vokoun was out of the crease than in the crease by the time Datsyuk was done with him. This must haunt the poor goalie when he tries to sleep at night. 

  4. If you thought he was just a shoot out/breakaway talent – behold 14+ minutes of proof that he was, indeed, an amazing hockey player in all aspects, who just played for the wrong team.
  5. But, of all the things this guy did… that Datsyuk cutback move was my favorite. He just had guys chasing their tails when he was on his game, and when he did it against the Avs… nothing was more frustrating.

    Lastly, for those who will puff-up their homer hockey chests and say “what your a Wings fan now”… first, suck it. I’m an Avs fan through and through but I’m a hockey fan for life and I appreciate skill no matter where it comes from. Believe it or not we haven’t always had a team in Denver and you had to get your fix wherever you could.

Stay awesome!

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