Goalie Masks with Cat Silverman – Colorado Hockey Podcast

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Colorado Hockey
Goalie Masks with Cat Silverman - Colorado Hockey Podcast

While researching for a future series of podcasts about The Goalie Situation in Colorado, we caught up with Cat Silverman, currently of InGoalMagazine and The Athletic Chicago. In this short clip from our longer conversation, we talk goalie masks, present, and past as well as some fun facts you probably didn’t know about goalie masks and the stories behind them.

Heard the story behind the #VegasStrong mask worn by Malcolm Subban? You 100% should.

Show Notes:

David Gunnarsson of http://www.daveart.com is the premier mask painter for professional hockey goalies. Clients include some name familiar to Avs fans such as:

Sylvie Marsolais of http://sylabrush.com/ – If it’s awesome and not a Daveart mask, it’s probably a Sylabrush mask. Including ex-Avs goalies:

Colorado Hockey

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