Colorado Hockey podcast – Return of the Mac (Cody Mcleod)

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Colorado Hockey
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Colorado Hockey podcast - Return of the Mac (Cody Mcleod)

The Colorado Avalanche played a game of shinny with a game sporting team from Nashville. The affair was well received by the many hockey enthusiasts in the stands and much was made of the return of the Mac… Cody McLeod that is. In this podcast, we ponder and pontificate on the night’s highlights, and squirt a good dose of humor on it, like a fine hot sauce. Do join us for an audio experience like no other.

Show Notes:

We mention BSN and Aj Haefele a lot because we think they’re the best thing going in Avs reporting right. Here’s how to keep up with him/them.

AJ is an Avalanche Editor and Beat Writer for Follow @BSNAvalanche for coverage. I also write about video games.

Where to find AJ online:


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