Colorado Hockey Podcast 026 – The Future of Hockey: How we watch the game

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You might not know it, but technology is disrupting industries and turning them upside-down at an ever growing pace. iTunes changed the way we consume music. The internet changed the news paper business. shopping?… You can buy anything you want online and have it shipped to you instantly, instead of having to go to a bookstore to pick-up a book or go to an specialty food store to get woodear mushrooms to make your asian potstickers.  Radio is being disrupted by podcasting as you read this and next up is TV. The way we watch and consume our shows, movies and of course – the way we watch the Avs. We future-cast some of the ideas we have for “the way we watch the game” and geek-out on the possibilities of the internet, augmented/virtual reality as well as sensors and interacting with the game.

Geek alert in full effect!

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