Colorado Hockey podcast – The 2016 Rookie showcase – Avs edition featuring AJ Haefele

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What could be better than a Rookie Showcase held in a neighborhood rink to get the die hard Avs fans ready for the hockey season? Actually, the answer to that is The Rookie Showcase plus The World Cup of Hockey and I can’t help but think that the players in the showcase were just a little bit inspired by the hard-hitting playoff style game they were seeing in the World Cup of Hockey. In both cases, the players came out ready to play and with something to prove. It’s a good time to be a hockey fan.

Team Rosters


Joe Sakic being chased down by adoring kids who don't find that creepy.
Joe Sakic being chased down by adoring kids who don’t find that creepy.

Above, Joe Sakic proves he’s still all about the fans as he stops outside the men’s room to sign a few autographs. He was quick to get a few signatures off and then disappear down a hallway I never even knew existed at the Ice Centre.

Mason Geersten – a name that’s been on the radar for a while but this was my first in-person viewing of his game and I didn’t know he knew how to chuck the knuckles. This was a good showing for Geersten in every way.

Show Notes:

AJ is an Avalanche Editor and Beat Writer for Follow @BSNAvalanche for coverage. I also write about video games.

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