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Updated after the trade to Nashville.

Cody’s last fight as an Avs player

Cody Mac earned the respect of fans and player alike in his time with the Avalanche. From a guy who wasn’t supposed to make the team to a guy who is in the top 5 for games played as an Avs player.  Much respect and well-wishes to the Highlander as he fights for the cup in Nashville.———-

There is no love lost between the Colorado Avalanche and the Minnesota Wild. Not from the players, or fans perspective. But, nobody seems to hate the Wild more the Cody McLeod. Good on’ya Daddy Mac!

Note Peter McNabb in the background doing his best to stay alive.

I never want to see a player badly hurt, even a Wild player. This sucks for sure. But, McLeod did let up, a bit. He could have come a lot harder but didn’t. Douchey, yes. Worse that Matt Cooke would do? Hell no.

But wait, Cody isn’t just a hate filled fighter, he’ll fight because that what guys like him and Chris Stewart do. It’s their job.

Lastly, and just in case you’re starting to think the Wild are harmless victims in this shared hatred… no. Their punks.

Now, what could McLeod possibly have been pissed-off about? One could even argue that… again, he was just doing his job.


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