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Is Patrick Roy's Beard Making a Movie? - NHL Underground Radio Network

It’s a spoof! A joke!! It’s not serious!!! We’re making fun of the hockey pain we feel, the sensationalism of media and the funnies we find. That’s all. It’s just jokes, folks. We love the Avs.

A California based production company as acquired the rights to Patrick Roy’s beard. Executive Director and famed owner of the Dollar Shave Club – Michael Dubin – says that camera crews will follow Patrick Roy around until he shaves his beard, at which point they will collect his shaven beard hairs and and donate them to science to study the effects of stress on hair color when exposed to defensive breakdowns.

Dubin pointed out the alarming rate at which hockey coaches and Presidents of the United States age in relation to the amount of pressure they are under to please the appreciating pubic masses.

Other Avs expected to make an appearance in the movie are GM Joe Sakic and Aging Defenseman Francois Beauchemin.

A loyal Avs fan and known glassbanger said that she’d seen Roy’s hair change color between periods and believes that he might be using a touch of gray to keep his teams moral up.

You’ve got to love his dedication.

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