Colorado Hockey Podcast Trade Deadline loom-ith…

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Colorado Hockey Podcast Trade Deadline loom-ith…

Trade deadline is upon us and the Colorado Avalanche have done nothing. While I’m not a fan of trading Landy or Dutchy, I am a fan of trading older, aging and expensive veteran players. Guys like Iggy to a contenteder even if there needs to be some salary retention. Or, a trade to anyone who’d take 32, 51, 14, 34. Not because I’m mad at them, but because we can probably do better in free agency and get contracts that are more reasonable for aging players who aren’t keeping up with the speed of the game as well, these days. I’d be fine with letting the youth movement begin and bringing the young guys up to get some experience if we needed to fill a roster spot.

Like every Avs fan, we’ve been pondering the current state of Colorado Avalanche hockey and trying to put our fingers on why it isn’t working this year. It’s frustrating to see players on the roster who’ve had success in past years with the Avs or with other teams fail so epically. It would be easy to point fingers at individual players, the coaches or the management, all of whom are a part of the problem. But if you keep boiling it down to try and find the essence, you have to ask yourself “What makes us a bad team and what we’d have to do to be a good team.”

… And then we boiled it down to some simple bullet-points of what a good hockey team does, to win regardless of the team, the players, the coaches, the management. Some simple truths… what good hockey teams do.

We ponder, bitch, moan and grown about the aforementioned in the podcast which you can digest in less than 10 mins.

Stay Awesome!

Colorado Hockey Trade Deadline 2017

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