Every Avs Player – Ever! – Yuri (Babe) Babenko

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Colorado Hockey
Every Avs Player – Ever!
Every Avs Player – Ever! - Yuri (Babe) Babenko

Yuri Babenko

Center — shoots L
Born Jan 2 1978 — Penza, Russia
[38 yrs. ago] Height 6.00 — Weight 203 [183 cm/92 kg]
Drafted by Colorado Avalanche

– round 2 #51 overall 1996 NHL Entry Draft

Yuri Babenko is a blip on the Colorado Avalanche radar and in his 3 games managed exactly zero points. When you search for a player and find only fighting videos, you can be pretty sure this guy wasn’t going to be in the NHL. We’re not sure what his real nickname was but I’m betting it was “The Babe”… because hockey.

Evidently, he’s a big deal in the KHL. I hope you speak Russian 🙂

Bebe himself tossing the mitts:

Okay, so he wasn’t an enforcer, but hey, he didn’t get knocked out!



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