Five for Friday – Five hockey links worth sharing

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Behold the Five for Friday curated list of hockey links worth clicking on. As if you had something better to do at work on a Friday:)

We’re always researching for a project/podcast and finding cool stuff worth sharing. Here’s what we’ve found this week. Stay Awesome!

  1. When’s the last time you heard “line brawl” with the Avs?
  2. Or how about this introduction to our brand new head coach
  3.  But that wasn’t the first time that Patrick Roy was called crazy.
  4. How about this awkwardness. Seriously… it had to be strange for them both.
  5. But none of it ever would have mattered for Patrick Roy if the trade didn’t happen.

Stay Awesome!

Honorable mentions:

You might be wondering where you can get an ice skate full of whiskey. Wonder no more… we found it. 



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