Five for Friday – Five hockey links worth sharing – cool podcasts edition

Every Friday we give you our list of hockey links worth clicking on. These are the links we've been sent and send to friends. The most clickable hockey of the week.

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Behold the Five for Friday curated list of hockey links worth clicking on. As if you had something better to do at work on a Friday:)

We’re always researching for a project/podcast and finding cool stuff worth sharing. Here’s what we’ve found this week. Stay Awesome!

  1. T-Beauts signs on the dotted line and Avs Nation breathes a collective sigh of relief. Now that he’s locked up and getting paid the trolls will, without doubt come out in full force to attack his play and contract. Let the good times roll.
  2. Podcasts with hockey players #1 – Jonathan Toews – I know… I get it… he’s not an Avs player but this is worth a listen. It’s the most human and real-world conversation I’ve ever heard J-Toes have.  Check it out! I won’t tell anyone.
  3. Ditto # 2 but with yet another “Not Avs Player” Duncan Keith and totally worth it as well. If you want to know what hockey players are thinking doing and how some of the most successful deal with that success listed to this podcast as well.
  4. As long as we’re on a roll with hockey podcasts in non-hockey realms, check this podcast out from Surprisingly Awesome.
  5. And as always we keep tuned into the AJ/JJ fun hour,  AKA the BSN Avalanche Podcast… as well as the Burgundy Brigade Podcast.

Honorable mentions:

  • We love podcasts. Could you tell? When it comes to listening to podcast we much prefer over just about any other option, including iTunes.  Among many reason is the “smart speed” filter that allows you to listen to an hour long podcast in 45 minutes with seeming no speed ramping. It’s perfect for power podcast consumers.
  • Allegedly, I like to listen to music/podcast and whatnot while on the sometimes. Just don’t tell the old dude at APEX who seems to find this a bad idea. To do that you need killer bluetooth headphones at a price that doesn’t suck. Behold, the ANKER soundbuds! 
  • Ego is the Enemy has been a popular book with athletes since it came out and you’ll hear it mentioned in the aforementioned podcasts.



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