Five for Friday – Roy… “peace out” and .. the 5 best Players Tribune Articles

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Five for Friday –  the curated list of hockey links to help you put an end to the last day of the week. Nothing too serious… just some hockey links for the hockey fan in you.

We’re always researching for a project/podcast and finding cool stuff worth sharing. Sometimes it’s videos, sometimes it’s cool tweeps worth following. Other times it’s articles from folks who swim in the deep-end of the hockey knowledge pool. Here’s what we’ve found this week. Stay Awesome!

Last minute addition: WTF… Roy leaves, EJ speaks candidly about it. 

  1. A Guy Like Me – John Scott
    The timing on this article was spot on. Scott was being mistreated by the NHL after being shoved into the the social media spotlight for an All Star Game controversy that was again, shoved on him because of some social media BS and NHL F’ery. This was the first time folks got a chance to see it from Scott’s angle and to see just how F’d up it really was. The way he dealt with it after that however, was brilliant. All Star MVP, Helmet in the Hall of Fame and a huge FU to the NHL.
  2. We Need To Talk About Concussions RIght Now – Gabriel Landeskog
    I remember the game, the play, the hit and the way that it changed Landy’s play for quite a while after it happened. Landy was never really the same after getting his brain jiggled and that hit shaped the player he’s become since then. This is a great message, from a guy who knows, and to an audience who really needs to listen up. That means you too overzealous parents of athletes.

    Landy and the path to the “C”… it’ll make sense after you read the article.

  3. Adam Oates – Beta
    This is just a humbling story about a humble guy who worked his ass off to make the game look easy. How he went on a journey to be the best he could be, by studying the best there ever was. The details about Gretzky’s game like distance/space and the mental chess-play that Oates picked up from Gretzky is just fascinating.
  4. The Bravest Guy I Know – Cam Ward (his son)
    Gawwwwww. Nothing makes me watery-eyed like a story about a kid who loves his Dad. While NHL’ers are living the dream there’s also a lot of pressure that goes with being an NHL player. The kind of stuff nobody thinks of when they imagine what it must be like to be an NHL player. Can you imagine if your employer could just give you to another company and make you uproot and move overnight. You’d have no real say in the matter. You just get a call and they say…”hey, we’ve traded you to another company, report to them tomorrow in another state, thanks for everything, bye.” Nevermind you and your needs as that player – what about your family and kids that support you? Add to that a child with a disability and it’s enough to make you thankful for your safe job and stable roots in the burbs.
  5. The Zebra Kerry Fraser
    While I’m not about to become a walking posterboard for “ref you suck” cults I will say that I didn’t really appreciate what it meant to be a ref until I read this article. The part about “nobody dreams of being a ref, we all wanted to be hockey players” really hit home. How can you be a part of the game you love if you’re not good enough to make the show? For a select and lucky few, it’s the thankless job of being a referee. Also, who knew that Fraser used to be a tough guy? So interesting.

Honorable mentions:

  • The Players Tribune – Sometimes poo-poo’d because the athletes have ghost-writers, The Players Tribune is a gold mine of great storytelling in my opinion. It’s also a voice for the player without all the league oversight and media spin. If you have thoroughly explored TPT, get on it now.


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