Colorado Hockey Podcast In-Between-Isode – Adrian Dater, part 1

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Colorado Hockey
Colorado Hockey Podcast In-Between-Isode - Adrian Dater, part 1
This is what we loving call an In-Between-isode. A chance to get to know the hockey community that makes the world spin, off the ice. The guys who do the legwork to bring us stories and news from the Colorado Avalanche. These are the people who rarely get the credit they deserve for holding down their corners of the Colorado Hockey community.

I managed to track Adrian Dater down a few days before he was scheduled to go under the knife for a full ankle replacement. An injury that, at least in part, has to be a result of his large frame and many years of being a beat reporter. Trucking from rental car to airplane, to press boxes in the nose-bleeds and back down to the locker room for interviews. Dater has seen and done it all, inside-and-out when it comes to the Colorado Avalanche. We sat down over a cup of coffee at a local Starbucks and recorded an interview that just might give you a new perspective on what it is to be a sports writer.

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