Every Avs Player – Ever! – Shawn Belle with special guest @AJHaefele

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Every Avs Player – Ever!
Every Avs Player – Ever! - Shawn Belle with special guest @AJHaefele

Shawn Belle

The Avs were just one of many teams who dipped their toes in the water with Shawn Belle. He’s a big defenseman with size and grit. He can hit and he can drop the mitts when the occasion is right.

He was drafted by the St. Louis Blues but got his first NHL ice time with the Minnesota Wild in 2006-2007. He lasted 9 games with the Wild before being sent back to the minors and eventually traded for by the Montreal Canadians and playing two games with them in 2009-2010. The very next season he got another shot playing tow games for the Edmonton Oilers before repeating the AHL cycle and reemerging one last time in the NHL with the Colorado Avalanche where he played exactly 4 games.

A defensive minded, defenseman with excellent physical tools, Belle skates pretty well. Potential to be a good two-way defenseman, but has not been really able to transition his offensive game from the juniors. Hockey sense could be better.

– Erik K. Piri, EP – See more at: http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=9470#sthash.UhcoRw56.dpuf

Belle is pretty much the definition of a Fringe player and was oh-so close to finding a home in the NHL 4 times. But after his stint with the Avs he made the move to play in the DEL where he will likely walk off into the hockey sunset.

But for 4 games in the 2010-2011 season he wore an Avs jersey and touched NHL ice in Colorado.

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